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Welcome to Faith Life International Church, a vibrant community of faith and love, led by our visionary pastors, Ron and Gina Holmes.

Together In Ministry

Ron and Gina share a deep commitment to empowering believers through the unwavering teachings of God's Word. Their vision is to create a place where people from all walks of life can connect and grow in their relationship with God no matter where they are on their spiritual journey. They enjoy teaching biblically based messages, taught in practical ways, that are relevant to everyday living and they have a heart for seeing marriages and businesses prosper. They are also strong advocates of the restoration of marriages and family relationships. They both share a passion for helping people walk in the power and love made available through Jesus Christ, ensuring that everyone experiences the fullness of their highest calling and expands God's Kingdom influence in the world.

Pastor Ron Holmes

With a rich background in ministry, Pastor Ron founded Faith Life International Church (FLIC) in DeLand, Florida. His journey began after serving as an associate pastor at The Gathering Place in Lake Mary, Florida, and 18 years of faithful ministry at Freedom Ministries Church in Apopka, Florida. Pastor Ron has pioneered various essential ministries, including: men’s fellowship groups, couples ministries, pastoral care, discipleship training, leadership development courses and many more. His prophetic teaching style combines wisdom, revelation, understanding, and divine insights from The Word Of God. He emphasizes the importance of believers walking in all their kingdom benefits and covenant rights. He also passionately believes in every believer having personal fellowship with The Lord, enjoying spiritual intimacy, and living a lifestyle of wholeness in every aspect of life.

Pastor Gina Holmes

As a co-pastor and accomplished businesswoman, Pastor Gina is dedicated to seeing believers and entrepreneurs prosper in the Kingdom of God. She combines her love for God with a commitment to serving in the church and the marketplace. Her passion is teaching and empowering individuals to maximize their God-given potential while fulfilling their professional goals. She adds a unique perspective to the ministry, contributing to the holistic growth of Faith Life International Church.

Leading By Example

Together, Ron and Gina are ordained by the Association of Faith Churches and Ministers (AFCM). They firmly believe in leading by example and living lives that demonstrate God's love and grace. Their commitment to building a generational ministry is evident in their children working alongside them at Faith Life International Church.

At Faith Life, you'll find pastors who are dedicated to your spiritual journey, committed to nurturing your faith, and creating a welcoming, loving, and empowering community. Ron and Gina Holmes invite you to experience all that Faith Life has to offer.

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